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This DFG SPP 1542 project aims to combine new developments in the advanced material technology of Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete (UHPC) with the innovations in digital design and fabrication as CNC controlled mould production. The main goal is to develop innovative jointing systems regarding the specific properties of this new material. The research of the project is structured into two main mutually supplementing areas:
The first phase and subject of this paper is the fundamental research and development of nodes for prefabricated spatial tubular frameworks; in particular the jointing system between the node and the tubular elements. The second phase will be the research on connecting principles of two-dimensional bended elements for shell structures.
First steps taken for the fundamental research are:
-Digital form finding process with Rhino 3D and Grashopper
-Draft of a geometrical reference model of a prototype node of a spatial tubular framework
-Coherent studies for suitable concrete and reinforcement strategies and mould technology
-Study of stress distribution in the node with Ansys FEM calculations in association with the digital form finding process. The calculation is part of the development of a transferable digital process chain for force flow optimization testing and optimizing the CNC – controlled mould production
-Construction of a 1:1 prototype node